The Burrow will be a secondary space for the Very Large Works pavilion of The Wrong Biennale (Nov 2019 - Mar 2020). A strange-loop reflection of the pavilion proper, like neighbors in a disparaged apartment complex realizing they could both have one huge living space by tearing down the wall between them; instead of living perfectly bounded, cramped and alone.

[Very Large Work - VLW - Vulnerable List Wrapper]
[Somewhat Nestled Wrapper - SNW - Safe Not-Work]

The space is inspired by the Aardvark, who when threatened prefers to hide, using its claws to burrow into the ground instead of striking at the threat. The Burrow is imagined as a spot in the Very Large Works gallery where someone got too afraid and violently dug through the floor, shattering both marble and claws, to huddle in the earth beneath massive pristine structures.

Here we are looking for alternative ways to contend with the rapacity of the world, the devastating feedback loops of very large works. Ways not content with turning the tables, still at the same table. Ways of hiding under the table or ways of comforting those who must hide.

"Take no part, make nope art." - Anonymous

The space will exhibit finished or unfinished pieces, drafts and sketches, stories you want hidden to be forgotten or secrets you want displayed to be remembered. We are looking for intermissions, odd-outs, scrapped, self-defeating or forgotten work; and works which deal with erasure, passivity, access, exclusion, borders, fear or defensive non-violence. Anything which could help those who want to, or are forced to imitate the aardvark.

To participate, please subscribe to the discussion list. A call for works will be sent out late August, with a deadline for early October, but you may submit pieces or ideas already by posting to the list or by contacting me (Aad) directly.